UL 2020


   *UL has extended the compliance date for the 7th Edition of UL 268 to June 2024


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 The changes in this edition standard are major in scope, most notably the addition of three new fire tests: 

• Detection of flaming polyurethane foam
• Detection of smoldering polyurethane foam
• Reduction of nuisance alarms

In addition to the fire tests, there are over 250 other changes to the current standard. Our fundamental research has
determined that a new generation of detector is essential to achieve compliance.
Hochiki has concluded that single-sensor technology used today will not be able to comply with the new standards.

Substantial changes have been engineered to the detector construction both inside and out. These changes include air flow,
smoke chamber size and shape, sensing technology, and firmware algorithm updates.
Hochiki is committed to having our new generation of detectors (both analog and conventional) available before the deadline.