Occupancy used for purposes of medical and treatment, or “Healthcare Occupancy” require a unique set of guidelines to follow in terms of notification, building codes and occupant evacuation. In the U.S., healthcare facility building codes are derived from NFPA’s 101 Life Safety Code and NFPA 72 standard.

Hochiki’s fire alarm systems are installed in major hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the United States and the World. Some of the most popular products usually installed in new hospitals are Hochiki duct detectors such as the DH-99A, addressable duct detector, the ACD-V multi-criteria, smoke, heat, CO detectors, and FireNET Alarm Control Panels and Low Frequency signaling devices.

Addressable & Conventional Duct Detectors

Hochiki Duct Detectors provide early smoke detections and
combustion products present in the air, moving through HVAC
ducts in commercial industrial applications.

FireNET Series Control Panels

FireNET addressable alarm panels come in many different configurations. Available in 2
to 16 loops, each panel can be individually customized to meet the specific needs and
requirements of hospitals and healthcare facilities  

Fire Alarm Products

Intelligent Detection Devices

(no magnetic test switch)

The ACD-V smoke, heat, co detector are ideal for sleeping areas in
health care facilities.