What is the Hochiki America warranty policy?
Hochiki's warranty policy, terms, and conditions are printed on the back of every invoice.

Who is the contact in my territory for customer service (United States)?
Tel: 714-522-2246 Email: kEncEmailpsefstAipdijlj/dpn

How do I contact the overseas Hochiki offices?
We have links to the Hochiki Japan and Hochiki Europe websites where you can find contact information for each. You can also refer to the Hochiki Worldwide Offices posted on the Hochiki America website:

How do I open .rar files?
Please use this link to open .rar files: Hochiki .rar Files

FireNET Panel

What is the maximum number of loops on the FireNET panel?
The panel can be expanded up to 4 SLC Loops.

What agencies is our Fire NET listed in compliance with?
NFPA 72 Compliant, UL 864, FM Approved, Local Signaling Unit. S8255 Types: Automatic, manual, water flow and sprinkler supervisory. CSFM: 7165-0410:159

How many onboard NAC circuits does the panel have?
There are 4 on board NAC circuits rated at 2.5 Amps each.

Are there any other colors available for the FireNET panel?
Yes, Grey

My strobes are not flashing correctly when there is an alarm, what do I do?
Check the output pattern: The default NAC pattern is temporal. The strobe circuits require a continuous (Steady) output pattern. From the " Access Level 3 " menu, choose " Edit Configuration " then choose " Edit I/O ". Select " Edit Panel I/O ", then " Edit Default Pattern ". Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the selected pattern, then press the Enter button.

Can I order extra keys for the FireNET panel?
Yes, spare key switch model are FN-SKDK/FN-SKCK. Use this part number when ordering; 0100-03380. This includes one key for the door, and one key for the enable key switch.


HCA Series Panel

How many on board NAC circuits are on the HCA Control Panel?
There are 4 on board NAC circuits. Each circuit is rated at 2.5 amps.

What are the maximum total zones on the HCA panel ?
8 zones

Detectors & Bases

How many LED's are on a smoke detector?
There are 2 LED's for 360 degree visibility.

How do I check compatibility of a detector with a base?
Refer to the UL Compatibility List: UL_DEVICE_COMPATIBILITY_LISTS.PDF

Questions on compatibility listing for our detectors and bases with other panel manufacturer.
The customer is referred to the website, go to UL_DEVICE_COMPATIBILITY_LISTS.PDF

What test equipment should be used to test conventional smoke detectors?
TSE-A100 smoke pole tester is used to test (alarm) the smoke detector.

How long can a smoke pole extend to?
Extends from 5.25 feet to 14.1 feet. Refer to spec sheet for more information Products

Where can I find the sensitivity range for a smoke detector?
Refer to the back label of the detector.