Hochiki Pronounced (hoe-chee-key)

Hochiki Corporation, a world leader in fire protection equipment, was founded in Japan in 1918. Since then, eighteen subsidiaries have been formed around the world, including manufacturing locations in Japan, the UK, and at Hochiki America Corporation in the United States. 

Hochiki America has been manufacturing in Southern California since 1972 and is very proud of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Buena Park, California. For over 50 years, Hochiki America has been a supplier of quality smoke detectors to the fire alarm industry.  Many of their customers are well-recognized companies such as Simplex (over 20 years), Silent Knight (over 20 years), Radionics, Bosch, Potter, Napco, and Fike.  These longstanding relationships are no coincidence - they are due to the fact that Hochiki offers the highest in quality workmanship at competitive pricing.  Quality is “built in” using only the finest in raw materials and the most advanced automated testing and manufacturing equipment available anywhere.  

Hochiki America’s internal operating procedures are per ISO 9001, the highest and most recognized standard in the industry. And as required for the United States and other international markets, their products are listed and approved by recognized agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual.

With many companies moving the majority of their manufacturing offshore, it is worth noting that Hochiki America doubled its manufacturing capabilities in Southern California in 2007-2008.  It increased its production staff by over 150% and added multiple automated surface-mount printed circuit assembly lines to its operation. Hochiki believes that the secret to reliability is controlling the manufacturing process every step of the way; testing, testing and retesting everything it makes all the way through the production process.

Hochiki America adds even more value to its products by powering up every device it makes before subjecting it to final acceptance testing. Hochiki also provides expert technical and after-market support and technical training to assure that its products are used properly and in a responsible way.

Why Hochiki America?  Simply put, Hochiki America offers the most reliable and competitive commercial fire alarm products 
available today.