To further illustrate the absolute benefit of using Hochiki as your TOTAL SCHOOL SOLUTIONS, take a look at this competitive analysis. Using an apples to apples approach, it is clear that Hochiki is the best solution when it comes to deciding how to invest your Fire/Life-Safety dollars.

Hochiki offers the best solution by allowing direct purchasing, personal on-site product consulting and no charge training and support. After a thorough analysis, Hochiki is clearly the best choice for schools!






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Hochiki understands that protecting the lives of students, teachers, and staff is a schools number one priority. Additionally, school districts are also faced with strict budget guidelines and rules when it comes to upgrading or adding a new equipment to a campus. That's why Hochiki has created a unique solution specifically for the education sector that has been so successful with school districts.

Every Hochiki fire alarm system is custom designed to fit the specific needs of each school. This ensures that planning, installation and maintenance costs are 100% transparent and remain within budget.

Hochiki, manufacturing in Buena Park California, is per ISO 9001, the highest and most recognized standard in the industry. As required in the United States, Hochiki's products are listed and approved by UL and FM.

All inclusive solutions for School Districts include:

Training & Certification - No Charge

Hochiki provides full training and certification to technicians at no charge. Typically, districts are charged $2500 (+) for each district employee that goes through this training and depending on the size of the district, this can equate to additional thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. Hochiki's three training centers (Buena Park, CA, Dallas, TX and king of Prussia, PA) provide, the state of the art equipment, software, and training. If it is 1 person or 10, the cost is the same, zero

Tech Support

Hochiki provides tech support that is second to none, and always available to our customers at no charge. Many of Hochiki's competitors sell support packages that offer tiered support; chat, email, phone, and in person support that can add thousands of dollars to the annual cost of installing and maintaining their systems. At Hochiki, we create a superior product, sell it to you at a competitive price, and then train you extensively on working with that product. This is just another example of how we stand behind our products.

PROPRIETARY products is something CUSTOMERS would LIKE to get away from. Can they ?

Proprietary system refers to the design and software that makes a system operate. All systems are proprietary. However, school districts can feel stuck over time when they realize only certain service companies are allowed to service the alarm system. Hochiki does not limit the number of dealers who can be certified to sell and service its products. To take it a step further, Hochiki will even train school personnel to perform this work on-site saving thousands of dollars.