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A Few Proud Installed Projects in 2022 & 2023

Courtyard by Marriott, Spring TX
Hampton Inn, Baltimore MD
Hilton Garden Inn, The Colony TX
Marriott, Winston Salem NC
Springhill Suites, Blue Ash OH
Hilton, San Antonio TX
Embassy Suites, San Antonio TX
Windsor Atlantica, Rio de Janeiro


All Hochiki’s low-frequency Horns & Strobes meet NFPA's 72 code requirements for sleeping rooms. These low-frequency 520Hz Horns and Strobes are ideal for any occupancy that requires low-frequency notification appliances.

The hospitality has unique requirements when it comes to life safety. Hochiki’s fire alarm products are used in Hotels in the U.S. and all over the world.

Why Hotels Prefer Hochiki

There’s a reason Hotels all over the globe rely on Hochiki. 100 years of production has led to the most reliable and well-designed fire detection technology on the market. Hochiki products are simple to install and easy to maintain over their life expectancy, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership for the end user.

False Alarm Solutions

False alarms reflect poorly on a hotel brand and cause undue panic. The ACD-V multi-channel detector knows the difference between smoke and active fire smoke, because if there’s no heat, there’s no fire! One detector that collectively provides signals for Heat, CO and Smoke is just one of the solutions Hochiki leads the way in life safety.

Low Frequency NFPA Compliant

Hochiki’s range of low frequency (520Hz) audible and visible products are part of a total Hotel fire detection system. Hociki’s FireNET plus systems can provide global signaling of a CO alarm system and in conjunction with the ASBL sounder base can automatically switch between Temporal 3 and temporal 4 as required. And, with the addition of the HTMS Sync module, the FireNET Plus system can be programmed to drive HHLF Horns and make them automatically create both temporal 3 and 4 signals.

L@titude Touch Screen

Hochiki is the only manufacturer that has developed a user friendly touch screen control panel that the Hotel Staff can easily navigate. In addition, this touch screen was developed with the Fire Department in mind who can easily scroll through trouble modes with their firefighting gloves on! L@titude's sophisticated yet simple software also offers direct integration with many other control and indication applications. This panel is so configurable with so many options, there are simply too many benefits to list.