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EOQF.S1383           Smoke-Automatic Fire Detectors, Marine           SLV-24M      
FTAM.S1383 Gas and Vapor Detector and Sensors ACD-V, ACD-VW   
FWSA.EX16201              Fixed Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing System Units           FNX-Series
GOAS.EX26684           Wet-chemical-solution Extinguishing System Units           Avenger Series   
SYSW.S5694 Accessories, Releasing Device HCVR-SQA
SYZV.S6468 Control Units, Releasing Device HCVR Panel Series  
UEHX.E349118 Signal Appliances, Miscellaneous PB-SA Models
UHMV.E236171 Fire Alarm Devices for Use in Hazardous Locations HPS-SA-EX/WP
ULSZ.S1529 Audible-signal Appliances HEH, HES & WHE Series  
UNIU.S6512 Boxes, Non-coded HPS-DAK-SR
UOJZ.S6468 Control Units, System HCVX Series  
UOXX.S5694 Control Unit Accessories, System HCVR Series  
UOXX2.S5694 Control Unit Accessories, System - Component FNV Series  
UQGS.S2966 Heat-automatic Fire Detectors ACA-V,-W
UROX.S1383 Smoke-automatic Fire Detectors ACA-V,-W
UROX2.S1383 Smoke-automatic Fire Detectors - Component HSC-224RST
URRQ.S3516 Smoke-automatic Fire Detector Accessories HA-EOLR, -EOLR-12
URXG.S3516 Smoke Detectors for Special Applications VPR Series  
URXG2.S3516 Smoke Detectors for Special Applications - Component VPR-CLO8, VPR-RM4
UTRZ.S8680 Power-supply Units FN-XXXULX-X Series  
UUKC.S8369 Signaling Appliances and Equipment for the Hearing Impaired      HEC Series  
UUMW.S8370 Speakers and Amplifiers for Fire-protective Signaling Systems            HSSPKCLPR, HSSPKCLPW     
UVAV.S3597 Visual-signal Appliances for Fire-protective Signaling Systems HEC, HES, WHE, HHLF Series  
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