2 slc's with communicator and network card LA203K1-10
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2 slc's with communicator and network card LA203K1-10

Código Producto: 0101-01870

Standard Features 
• 2 loop version
• 400mA loop current
• Programmable NACs; 4 Class B or 2 Class A, all with internal synchronization
• 10.25 A power supply
• 3 programmable inputs and 5 programmable relay outputs
• 7 inch, full-color resistive touch screen with intuitive user interface
• Up to 24 programmable soft “function keys”
• Up to 64 user login accounts
• Hard-wired fire and trouble routing inputs and out-puts
• Modular and expandable electronics
• 400 subaddress points per loop (800 per loop mod-ule)
• Option to “invert” inputs and outputs
• 5,000 programmable cause and effects; over 50,000 inputs and outputs
• Can be networked with programmable functionality
• Programming via USB port to PC or memory stick

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