TH105 Linear Heat Sensor Cable - 656 Ft
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TH105 Linear Heat Sensor Cable - 656 Ft

Product Code: 0100-12730

Standard Features 
  • TH105 Linear Heat Sensor Cable - 656 Ft
  • Maximum Ambient to: 85C / 185F Alarm Temperature: 105C / 220F Recommended minimum ambient temperature: continuous exposure is -40c/-40F
  • Line Detection Coverage of risk with point detector sensitivity  Cable and Detector combined  Range of Alarm temperatures to meet different application /risk requirements
  •  Specified Alarm Temperature tolerances = +/- 4C = +/- 7F  Detection at EXACT point of risk
  •  Alarm Response times: LESS than 8 ( eight) seconds - tested to UL 1581 clause 1090 flame tests  Meets UL 1581 1090.1 and 1090.2- propagation and self-extinguishing requirements
  •  All sensor cables tested in accordance with IEC 60811-1-4
  •  Suitable for installation within a wide range of adverse environments.
  •  Optional “Alarm Point ” location feature available - via Proline supplied dedicated interface unit (of particular advantage on overheat detection = no visible flame)  Alarm temperature not dependant upon sensor cable length exposed
  •  Multiple alarm temperatures per single zone - if required - by series connection of different alarm temperature rated sensor cables