Testifire smoke/heat/CO detector tester
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Testifire smoke/heat/CO detector tester

Product Code: 0700-02940

Testifire is the world's first 3-in-1 detector tester with optional communications module and audit trail facility. Its design enables fast and efficient testing of Smoke, Heat or CO fire detectors and, with the ability to test with these stimuli sequentially or simultaneously, it is also the perfect tool for testing multi-sensor detectors.

Smoke, Head and CO stimuli are all created in the single unit that is Testifire. There are no pressurized canisters of gas and stimuli are generated as required using processes fueled by replaceable capsules.

• Overall significant time savings and productivity enhancements though:
- deployment of latest-technology stimuli generation and delivery
- replacement of multiple tools with a single tester
- dramatic reduction in detector and system resent times through use of clearing mode
• Substantial reduction in test times though combined stimuli deployment on multi-sensor detectors
• Unique ability to activate detectors using complex interdependent sensor algorithms
• Faster testing of detectors up to 212F through use of hi-heat mode
• Elimination of detector contamination and damage risk though controlled stimuli release
• Greater immunity from variation in ambient conditions through controlled through new stimuli
   generation technologies
• Wider range of detectors accommodated with wider cup and remote control option
• Up to 66%* reduction in multisensor test times through use of simultaneous stimuli
*if the detector and panel can enable and verify individual sensor