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FirePro® Xtinguish is an exciting and effective “green” fire suppression product for total-flooding applications or any installation where a fire suppression system is needed to protect the contents of a space.  FirePro® Xtinguish is non-toxic, with zero ozone depletion and global warming potential. It utilizes an aerosol-forming solid compound to extinguish fires by inhibiting the chemical chain reactions within the fire itself, breaking the chemical reaction of fire cleanly and efficiently.  While being very powerful, the FirePro® Xtinguish system installation is uncomplicated and maintenance is minimal.  FirePro® Xtinguish and the HCVR-3 and eLAN Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panels combine to produce a perfect extinguishing solution for Control Rooms, Electrical Sub-Stations, Electrical Panels and Cabinets, Sub-Floor / Above-Ceiling, Storage Containers / Trailers, Enclosed Machinery, Wind Turbines, Solar Inverters, Water Treatment Plants / Utilities, Marine / Railways, Warehouses, Cable Tunnels / CEVs, Heavy Equipment / Vehicles, and more!


classes of fire


+ No oxygen depletion
+ UL 2775 Listed for Class A, B, C fires
+ Environmentally friendly
+ EPA SNAP listed
     + Minimal maintenance
     + Non-corrosive and non-conductive
     + Safe to handle
     + Easy installation





At the heart of the FirePro Xtinguish™ system is the HCVR-3 Conventional Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panel. The HCVR-3 monitors and controls the entire system; detection, annunciation, and suppression. Combined with Hochiki's high-quality detectors and FirePro Xtinguish™, the HCVR-3 is a perfect solution for all your fire suppression needs.

Comparison of the required quantity of: FirePro Xtinguish™ vs. traditional gaseous suppression agents.
Greater economy of space will open up greater numbers of applications.




FirePro® Xtinguish is UL Listed as a pre-engineered system. Applications are easy to design and install. No piping, pressurized tanks or cylinders, or difficult flow calculations are required. Simply choose the correct type and number of aerosol generators using simple design parameters. Large box type generators are available in Red or Stainless Steel.



Conventional extinguishing agents employ oxygen depletion, cooling or both to extinguish a fire. FirePro Xtinguish™ inhibits the chain chemical reactions present in fire. By removing the flame free radicals, it extinguishes fire without depleting oxygen.