Fire Protection Controller

Código Producto: FPC-2 (1200-00070)

The FPC-2 Fire Protection Controller is a detection and aerosol activation module.  It includes one supervised input for linear heat detection cable or smoke detectors, and supervised outputs to activate up to four FirePro Xtinguish condensed aerosol generators of any size.  Form C relays are provided to indicate alarm and trouble, while front panel indicators are provided to show Power, Fire, and Trouble status.  Push buttons allow the user to silence the internal buzzer and reset the controller. 

The FPC-2 requires 24 VDC power from a suitable power supply.  Installation is fast and simple with no programming required, and maintenance is minimal.  Applications include electrical cabinets and machinery.

The FPC-2 is not currently UL listed, and may be used only in ancillary applications.