Detector de Aspiración Temprana FireNET Vapor® VPR-15
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Detector de Aspiración Temprana FireNET Vapor® VPR-15

Código Producto: VPR-1P (0200-06040)

The FireNET Vapor VPR-1P is your solution for early warning air-sampling smoke detection.  From very small spaces to very large, very clean environments to very dirty, FireNET Vapor can handle them all.  When business continuity is critical, when maximum time is needed for evacuation and emergency management, when the environment is challenging - FireNET Vapor is the solution. 

• Single Zone
• Dual Pipe Air Sampling
• 0.0003 - 6.10 %/ft obscuration (0.001 - 20 %/m)
• 4 Alarm Levels - Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2
• 2 x 328ft (2 x 100m) sampling pipes
• Enhanced performance aspirator
• Ethernet TCP/IP
• RS232 and RS485 Modbus interface for programming
• 5 relay outputs
• Area coverage of up to 9,150 ft2 (850 m2)