Estrobo con Lente Ambar de 24VCD, Candela Seleccionable, Montaje Techo / Muro,

Código Producto: RSSA-24MCC-NW (0500-03322)

The Hochiki RSS Colored Lens Appliances




 • Approvals Include: UL 1638

• Amber Lenses Have Been Tested to Meet UL 1971 Light Distribution

• Choice of strobe Lens Colors – Amber, Blue, Red (some models or by special order)

• Field Selectable Candela Settings of 15/30/75/95cd or High Intensity Models with 115/177cd settings

• Indoor 24VDC Models with UL “Regulated Voltage” at 16-33 VDC Using Filtered DC or Unfiltered FWR Input Voltage

• Multitone appliance

• Strobes can be Synchronized with Wheelock’s DSM Sync Module or Power Supplies

• Combination Speaker/Strobes Available for Voice Messages with Visual Alerting

• Mount to Standard Electrical Boxes

• High Quality Designs from the Leader in Fire Notification Alarms