Generador de Aerosol de 80gr FirePro Xtinguish™ FNX-80S
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Generador de Aerosol de 80gr FirePro Xtinguish™ FNX-80S

Código Producto: FNX-80S (1200-06920)

FNX Series products are a SBK aerosol forming solid compound (containing no pyrotechnic substances) that is used to extinguish Class A, B, C fires. The FNX Series products are electrically activated. The condensed aerosol extinguishing mechanism works by removing the active chemical particles involved in the flame chain reaction.

• UL Listed for Class A, B, C fires
• Environmentally friendly (Green Label)
• Available in 10 models
• UL Listed for 10 years shelf life
• Easy installation, requires no piping or pressurized bottles
• Minimal maintenance
• Requires far less real estate compared to a typical Halon system
• Minimal cleanup on post fire
• Safe to handle
• Mounting brackets included for all models
• Compatible with HCVR-3 Fire Alarm Control Panel