Panel Convencional de 8 Zona a 120VCA con Dialer
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Panel Convencional de 8 Zona a 120VCA con Dialer

Código Producto: HCA-8D/120V (0100-11660)

The HCA series is available in a 2, 4, or 8 zone conventional panel design which is in accordance with UL 864 9th Edition Listing Detection and Fire Alarm Systems – Control and Indicating Equipment.

• UL864 9th Edition / NFPA Compliant
• Fully programmable using simple menu options
• Built-in two-line (16 Characters for each line) LCD display provides easy to read information
• 15 Key control buttons for easy programming, reset and silencing.
• Real time clock
• Event History log (256 events) with Date/Time stamp, which can be viewed from LCD display
• Compatible with wide range of detection devices
• 4 Programmable Supervised NAC outputs
• Switchable 120/240VAC 50/60 Hz Power supply
• 5 Programmable output patterns for NAC circuits
• Gentex Sync Protocol Built-in
• Built-in Dialer for HCA-2D, HCA-4D and HCA-8D Only
• Supports Releasing of Agents & Water on HCA-4 & HCA-8 models
• Three programmable general purpose relays
• Dedicated alarm and trouble relays
• Built-in walk test feature
• Supports up to two 12V, 18Ah Backup batteries
• Supports one Remote Annunciator via RS-485