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Anunciador Convencional Remoto

Código Producto: HCA-RA (0100-09670)

The HCA-RA remote annunciator provides a convenient and cost effective remote annunciator solution. HCA-RA can be connected to the slave RS-485 port of the HCA control panel. The HCA-RA's large 32 character display and navigation buttons are a complete mimic of the HCA control panel display. The use of a common interface allows the user to easily operate the HCA-RA as if the were operating the HCA control panel directly.
Security is established by the use of a password or firefighters enable key. The HCA-RA may be surface or flush mounted.

• UL864 9th Edition / NFPA Compliant
• Fully compatible with HCA series conventional panels
• Large 32 character LCD display (2 line x 16 character)
• LED indicators for Fire, Supervisory Alarm, Trouble, AC Power, and Silence
• Resides on the HCA Series slave RS-485 line
• Local piezo sounder for audible event notification
• Supports user codes & firefigter key to enable access and controls
• Supports flush or surface mount without a separate trim-ring85