15 FT Access Pole
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15 FT Access Pole

Código Producto: SOLO 100 (0700-01440)

The core element of the Solo range is the telescopic pole, which is extremely lighweight, quick and easy to extend to any height. Poles are subjected to rigorous conductivity testing to ensure the integrity of the insulating materials. Equipment in the contract with live electrical components make it vital for the insulating materials to be on the highest quality.

The Solo 100 will stand up to the rigors of everyday field-testing and isolate the user from danger. The durable telescopic and extension poles combine to reach heights up to 30+ft with all tools conveniently interchangeable within the range.

• Light – easy to use at height, on-site, day after day
• Non-whip – even at height
• Certified non-conductive – protecting both the engineer and overhead live equipment from inadvertent shorts
• Available in one, two or four telescopic sections
• Lifetime Warranty