— New Generators Are Now Available for Immediate Shipment—


BUENA PARK, CA, June 1, 2017 – Hochiki Corporation, a leader in fire alarm / life safety systems, is pleased to announce the expansion of their popular FirePro Xtinguish product line.  This expansion includes the addition of a new generator size, special feature enhancements, and several new variants for all of your aerosol fire suppression needs.


The new 4,200 gram generator (FNX-4200T and FNX-4200TS) has a maximum coverage of 1,358 ft3, which positions it nicely between the 3,000 and 5,700 gram units.  It has a 16.4 foot steam length and is operated by electrical or thermal activation.  “The FNX-4200 is a great addition to our Xtinguish product line,” says Rick Boisclair, Vice President of Suppression Products at Hochiki America.  “It provides us with yet another option to ensure the best design for all size enclosures.”  Another product enhancement is an increase in the stream length of the FNX-5700 – now 27.5 feet!  This new UL listed stream length will make your high-ceiling applications that much easier.


With a simple-to-design and low-maintenance product like FirePro Xtinguish, you might wonder ‘can it get any better?’  Well, it can!  Now all of the FirePro Xtinguish generator models are UL listed for a full 15 years from the date of manufacture!  This places you in a great position to provide effective and long-life fire suppression solutions for all sorts of applications at a very competitive cost. 


Included in this product expansion is the introduction of the UL listed “-T” type generators.  The “-T” generator is designed for electrical and/or thermal activation.  Electrical activation is accomplished using the HCVR-3, eLAN RS-H, or other listed compatible releasing control panel; electrical activation may also be accomplished by using one of the ‘FPC’ controllers, such as the FPC-1, FPC-2, or FPC-5.  The “-T” type generators are 100% backward compatible in existing systems and are a direct replacement for the current generators. 


Thermal activation is accomplished by means of the BTA, Bulb Thermal Actuator. The new BTA provides a complete detection and automatic suppression solution with no external power required.  The BTA utilizes a temperature-sensitive liquid contained in a glass bulb.  When the activation temperature is reached the bulb will burst, activating a single Xtinguish aerosol generator of any size.  Applications include electrical cabinet protection, storage containers, and many more. 


“These product additions and enhancements demonstrate Hochiki’s commitment to the customer and to the fire suppression industry,” says Rick.  “Hochiki’s FirePro Xtinguish makes a great addition to any fire suppression lineup.” 



About Hochiki Corporation


Hochiki Corporation is a wholly independent, multinational, publicly listed company located in Japan, with over 1,700 employees working across six manufacturing plants, 36 sales offices and 13 subsidiaries.


For almost 100 years Hochiki Corporation has led the way in the design and manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.


Hochiki America was established in 1972 in California.  Operating under Hochiki America, the business provides advanced fire detection and life safety systems across the United States, Mexico, Latin America, UK, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.


Hochiki Corporation’s ongoing commitment to manufacturing innovation ensures customer satisfaction. Our production facilities in Japan, the USA and Europe offer international continuity in quality, service and supply. For more information, please contact Ron Kong; kEncEmailnbslfujohAipdijlj/dpn.